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February 2016
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Hello fellow club Members.
Next weekend there are 2 fun events scheduled
and we would like your help. Come with your 2up sleds
(or 1 up with long seat) and any extra helmets you can lend.
Each year we give snowmobile rides at local Winterfests.
These are fun events and the kids (and adults too) really appreciate it!

Parma – Saturday, Jan 30, 3-530pm at the VFW Lodge, 550 Peck Road
Gates – Sunday, Jan. 31, Not sure of time, Westgate Park, Gates, on Howard Rd, oppisite Wal Mart Entrance.

This does count as a work detail.

Thanks, Marty Sauer

All trails closed as of midnight 1-23-16

Hilton Sno-Flyers Trails north of 104 are closing at midnight 1-23-16  south of 104 remains closed Conditions are being monitored closely. Trails will be opened at the first opportunity.



2 meeting
16 meeting


1 Apple fest set up
3&4 apple fest
7 meeting
21 meeting


18 meeting
21&22 Rochester snowmobile show


16 meeting & Christmas party
23 local snowmobile season starts


20 meeting
30 gates winter fun fest


17 meeting


16 meeting



End of season work details

As the snow is  melting and the season is coming to an end there is still a lot of work to be done.

Trail needs to be removed, signs and stakes organized and summer equipment maintenance started and we need more people to help.

After enjoying this great season, it would be great if you helped in maintaining the trails.

Watch here and on the Facebook page for updates and upcoming work details

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Snowmobile Checklist

For a lot of you this is second nature, but this may be of help to some of our other members, you veterans may even see something on this list you may have forgotten.

Pre-Season Preparation Check List

  • Check the spring repairs list for necessary actions and take care of any problems noted
  • Chassis check – Inspect track, track tension & alignment, track studs, skid frame & mounting bolts, hyfax, idler wheels & wheel
    bearings, shocks & springs, steering system, skis & ski alignment, ski runners, tighten ski bolts, check all other fasteners, and repair as needed
  • Engine check – Inspect throttle cables, choke cables, fuel filter, fuel line fittings, exhaust system springs, fan belt or coolant l level, spark plug wires & caps, starter rope & recoil action, remove exhaust block rags, and service or repair as needed

    Check water level, charge up, and install battery

  • Check drive chain tension and chain case oil level – add recommended oil if needed
  • Grease all fittings – don’t forget the speedometer drive fitting under the driven clutch
  • Clean faces of both clutches and install/replace drive belt – follow manufacturer’s recommendations on clutch lubrication & replace belt if 1/8-inch narrower than specification
  • Add some fresh gas and run sled on jack stand to burn out storage oil in engine
  • Check all lights and kill switch operation
  • Check brakes for proper operation
  • Install new properly gapped spark plugs
  • Top off oil tank
  • Add owner’s manual, tool kit, spare parts, and tow rope
  • Apply new registration validation stickers
  • Wash and wax snowmobile thoroughly
  • Apply vinyl protectant to seat cover and soft plastics

Upcoming Events

  1. Club meeting

    February 17 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
  2. Club meeting

    March 16 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm