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December 2014
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Regretfully, the time has come to speak out
and tell the true story about Jim Meyer.
Enough is enough!

As most of you know from early last season,
Jim Meyer is not a part of our club anymore.
He quit, following the removal of a post he made
on our website that was slamming the officers and board.
He was told at the time that it was not acceptable.

Following this, Mr. Meyer quit the club and swore (literally)
that he would do anything and everything to destroy the
club and its trail system.
He has followed through on his threat.
We have been enduring a relentless attack
on the club and trail system as well as us
He has used every possible means to attack.

We have a transcript of the sound recording in which
Mr. Meyer stated that:
 “By removing my post from the web page, you have just started
a war between me and the club. You guys are fu##ed,…. you are going
to lose trail. I am going to start making some phone calls….
statewide, county wide, your going to lose trail….”
We also have hundreds of pages, documenting his efforts to
undermine the trail system and his personal attacks
on people on the club Board.

His STATED goal is to Destroy the Hilton Sno-Flyers!!
This has been an ongoing series of attempts to cause
us to lose trail permissions, cause issues with NYSSA
and our Monroe County Sponsors.

Recently, Mr. Meyer has been approaching current
members of the club, trying to rally support
for his side of things and to force an “apology” from
President Tom Francis, Vice President Marty Sauer
and the entire Board.
Please be clear about this- The club or its Officers

This situation is being portrayed as an argument.
It is not an argument – it is an unprovoked attack.

We will not accept or condone any contact
with a disgruntled former member who has daily,
for over a year, worked to destroy us.

We have done nothing to keep this relentless
attack going!
We originally felt that taking the high road
and ignoring the ongoing insults and efforts to
hurt the club was the best course to follow.

If you are approached by Mr. Meyer and asked to
help to end this dispute, do not participate!
Remember, if you are involved in working to have
local trails, this man is working against you!

If you are uncertain about the facts as stated above,
if you would like to hear the recording of Mr. Meyer’s
vehement promise to destroy the club or you
would like to see the 2″ stack of printouts
that document this 15 month long ordeal,
please contact us.

Tom Francis, HSF President
Marty Sauer, HSF Vice President



It is still muzzleloader season and much of our trail is hunted!

If you are riding a closed trail it is considered trespassing and you will be caught.

Not all of our trail system is marked, the conditions are not safe.

Many landowners are very upset seeing snowmobilers while they are still hunting.



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Privacy Statement

Snowmobile Checklist

For a lot of you this is second nature, but this may be of help to some of our other members, you veterans may even see something on this list you may have forgotten.

Pre-Season Preparation Check List

  • Check the spring repairs list for necessary actions and take care of any problems noted
  • Chassis check – Inspect track, track tension & alignment, track studs, skid frame & mounting bolts, hyfax, idler wheels & wheel
    bearings, shocks & springs, steering system, skis & ski alignment, ski runners, tighten ski bolts, check all other fasteners, and repair as needed
  • Engine check – Inspect throttle cables, choke cables, fuel filter, fuel line fittings, exhaust system springs, fan belt or coolant l level, spark plug wires & caps, starter rope & recoil action, remove exhaust block rags, and service or repair as needed

    Check water level, charge up, and install battery

  • Check drive chain tension and chain case oil level – add recommended oil if needed
  • Grease all fittings – don’t forget the speedometer drive fitting under the driven clutch
  • Clean faces of both clutches and install/replace drive belt – follow manufacturer’s recommendations on clutch lubrication & replace belt if 1/8-inch narrower than specification
  • Add some fresh gas and run sled on jack stand to burn out storage oil in engine
  • Check all lights and kill switch operation
  • Check brakes for proper operation
  • Install new properly gapped spark plugs
  • Top off oil tank
  • Add owner’s manual, tool kit, spare parts, and tow rope
  • Apply new registration validation stickers
  • Wash and wax snowmobile thoroughly
  • Apply vinyl protectant to seat cover and soft plastics

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